Four distinct habitats
are found on the Reserve: dunes and sandy plains,
inselbergs and mountains,
gravel plains, and sand
and gravel plains interface.
Research conducted on
NamibRand aims to directly
benefit management of the
Reserve and to contribute
to the national scientific
knowledge base.
To ensure the long-term,
sustainable existence of the
Reserve, substantial funds
are needed which cannot be
generated from private means.
Keerweder maintains a Unihedron Sky Quality Meter (SQM) that digitally records the brightness of the night sky in magnitudes per square arc second. The SQM collects data via the Keerweder computer. It sends data between sunset and sunrise - when it's dark, every 5 minutes. This information is then summarised and displaced on this website.

Please note: SQM readings are updated at night, only if the computer at Keerweder is turned on.
SQM Readings
SQM Readings
The image above shows the latest SQM reading
SQM Readings
SQM Graph
The image above shows SQM readings overe the last few hours
Sky Quality Meter
In order to monitor the night sky for potential changes due to light pollution, measurements of the brightness of the sky over the NamibRand Nature Reserve are taken. The measurements are automatically made by a Unihedron Sky Quality Meter, model SQM-LU mounted on the roof of the Warden’s Office. The meter is connected by a USB connection to a computer that logs the measurements. The field of view of this instrument is about 20 degrees Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM). The units of the measurements are magnitudes per square arcsecond. In this system, the larger the number is, the darker the sky.

It should be noted that if the Milky Way is in the field of view of the meter, it will cause the readings to appear low, indicating the sky is brighter than it actually is. This is especially true when the core of the Milky Way passes overhead. Another factor that can affect the reading is the presence of the zodiacal light bridge in the meter’s field of view.

SQM Graph
Sky Quality Meter, by UNIHEDRON on the roof of the Keerweder office
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The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a International Dark Sky Association (IDA) certified Dark Sky Reserve. Read more

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